23 October 2011

I grew up with a father who lived for old cars & I definitely know how to appreciate the lines, details and the glam of it.  Even the lost junkers & the Rustic have a place in my heart.  Perhaps this was the beginning of my design life?

The Dodge Brothers knew how to do design right! Check out the hood ornament on this 1938 Graham

 Or the liquid lines in this Nomad restored with luscious Rootbeer,Cream and Chrome!  So shiny and the details just keep going on and on.

So next time you are looking for inspiration, check out something different for that IT factor to point you in the right direction.  We are surrounded by design in every aspect of our lives.

13 October 2011

Let's talk dreams. . . did you know that most people decorate their own private spaces last in their home.  Most likely there is a bed, but does the room surrounding that bed describe your self?  It is a studied and proven fact that how you rest is effected directly by the environment you are sleeping in.  In fact, every environment you function in can effect your self.  Your working space, the amount of clutter around you, the lighting (or lack there of), the smells surrounding you, how you sit or stand in any particular environment.  The study of ergonomics is an integral aspect of my design tool kit.  Then there is Feng Shui and don't forget Universal Design.  All these theories help define how we function best in our environments.  But to dream best, you must sleep at your best.  So go to bed tonight with an inspired space, maybe you'll dream inspirationally! 
As a visual artist, I often function best with my palette in front of me.  I use fabrics and found objects to inspire a design goal.  I pull all the potential inspirations and then purge the less desired like a reality show elimination ceremony.  For me, the inspirational pieces must touch all my senses and elaborate my most felt design elements; texture, tone, balance, contrast, seduction, sparkle just to name a few.  I often fall in love with something I'm working on and when that happens, I know its right.