28 October 2012


Sometimes I find myself sitting in perfect quietness, thinking of perfection and the lack there of.  I don't claim to be a perfectionist, quite the opposite is true.  But remembering this crucial fact in the moment of self judgement or even comparison can halt me to look deeper.  "Why can't I accomplish that or when will it be my turn?"  Silly, and realistically not what I should be wasting my time on. 

But it occured to me that with full injection of the social media in our lives, we tend to forget that others have struggles too.  We hear only what they want us to see and see only what they want us to hear.  LOL  Leading us to "Like" those fabulous photo shots or "Pin" the absolute most creative thing.  Competitively trying to impress and out do the neighbors, a modern-cyber keeping up with the Jones I presume?

Resonant moments are somewhat like meditation.  I find these moments in still images, in the nature's majesty, in stories long forgotten or a song from the car stereo.  But literally these resonant peaceful telling moments are all around me. 

On a daily basis, I run at such a high pace that I forget to notice those quite moments speaking to me. 
My imperfect world consuming my thoughts, keeping me from connecting with myself.  So tonight my family is all in bed, the television is off and I can actually hear my heart beat.  I cherish such moments and I hope that you do too!

Be safe and Cherish each moment  ~ Amy