07 November 2011

When a well inspired piece comes along, DON'T Fight letting it into your world.  I mean your heart has to love each and every piece (big or small) that surrounds you.  There is a piece that I have loved for many years, but of late that love is fading.  So I decided today that its time to put that love back into our relationship. 

A RePurpose & a Face Lift are a coming!  This wall unit was once an Entertainment unit.  But with all the TV changes over the years, it has now become more of a China Cabinet & Bar.  But today I came to the best RePurpose of all . . . Office Credenza.  I love the view & lighting found in my office.  But the furniture has usually been from left overs.  This RePurpose will be the best for the office & the Cabinet.

So the next question is to paint or not?  I am loving the charcoal greys of late, maybe a wash . . . any input is welcome.  But either way, I think I'm about to fall madly in love all over again!