25 July 2013

Okay, this is going to be a bit confessional, just a bit.  I truly try to stay clear of most drama that floats in and around this fabulously creative Vintage World.  But the highs and lows I have experienced over the last year and half as a Vintor still makes me doubt my self like I was a high school student all over again.  My Facebook following has amazingly grown by leaps and bounds and the compliments sprinkle their way in from time to time.  So, why am I doubting myself? 
One word . . . Artist.

Yes, I am an Artist and have always looked at the world from Artist eyes.  Even when I was five, winning that Easter coloring contest I knew I liked the world to look pretty.  I feel most like myself when I'm creating something and can't do it it without involving all my passion.  Hence, when a piece I've created (or recreated) lingers in my inventory longer that a weekend flea market show, doubt creeps in.  I doubt my style, I doubt my merchandising, I doubt my price point.  Now to convince myself that "I'm to old for High School"!

Thanks for following me both here and on Facebook

Will do my best to keep my passion glowing in every piece and in every show and leave those doubts behind.